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Making contact with us while we’re on the road couldn’t be easier. If you want to send us an email, send it to Alternatively you can reach us on Twitter or Facebook.


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A Letter

My Dearest A,

I’m really sorry I haven’t written in what must seem like ages. I never seem to have enough time anymore. I’m working day and night but each time I look up I still feel like I’m getting nowhere.

No matter what I say it’s like no one really listens.

I’ve met some wonderful people recently, who have really helped me. I love spending time with them although it can be so painful when we talk; sometimes we just end up holding each other and crying.

One of the guys is so strong and his words give us all hope, he’s a warrior, you would be so proud of him. He stands up for you even when they try to knock him down. I worry for him sometimes, I know how hard this is and the toll it takes on all of us.

You have to believe that things are changing; I know it doesn’t seem like it and it must feels like things are only getting worse, but we are changing hearts, more people are joining us every day.

Soon they will not be able to ignore us, push us aside or treat us like they do. When enough of us stand together they will have to listen.

One day we will break down those walls and you will be free.

I have to go now; I still have so much to do. Rest all you can, take care of the others and know that we’re here for you and we are not all the same.



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The least I can do is to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.