Hog Wood Farm Vigil – 10.07.17

Hog Wood Farm Vigil – 10.07.17

Today we stood with VIVA! At Hog Wood Farm near Stratford-Upon-Avon. We walked into the woods to find the bones and skulls of pigs and piglets. Probably the ill and dying.

They were dumped like trash.

Above is the number of one of those beautiful animals, no name, just a number. He or she lived a life of misery and torture inside these buildings of pure evil.

I have no words.

Only sorry, I am so so truly sorry.

One day, this cruel injustice will end. I’m sorry we were too late for you.




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  • I stopped and talked to the people peacefully demonstrating outside Hog Wood Farm. Some had walked the length of the country. In a world where there is much cruelty and personal gain and profit seems to be the priority for many, it was great to meet such a group of genuine, compassionate people who,not only cared about the animals, but were prepared to go to great effort to make things better. They help restore faith in humanity and deserve support.

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