Day 32 – Reflections

Day 32 – Reflections

How blindly we casually stroll down supermarket isles looking at the neatly wrapped packets of the body parts of dead animals.

Few have the opportunity or the courage to see the truth behind the production of meat. Most of what we believe is based upon childhood memories of picture-book illustrations. Happy cows, fluffy yellow chicks, and grinning pink pigs playing in the farmyard.

Our ideas about farming are usually highly romanticised and sanitised. Most of us have never set foot in a farmyard, most of us never will.

The trip to the slaughterhouse was a brutal end to an horrific life for these pigs, their misery though began long before they were loaded on to the trucks.

Few pigs ever have the opportunity to feel sunshine on their backs, to run around, wallow in the mud, to play or too build the family bonds that they cherish every bit as much as we do.

Instead, most pigs live in concrete boxes or are confined by iron bars. Anyone would describe this as a prison, a place so horrible, so inhumane that we only send the worst of the worst criminals there. In fact, the most evil human beings are treated far better than these poor innocent creatures.

Breeding sows, mothers, have the very worst time of it. They are confined in narrow cells, so narrow in fact that they are unable to turn around. They are forced to lie on bare concrete. They are kept in these conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

She only leaves her cell only when it is time for mating or for transfer to the farrowing accommodation where she will give birth to her litter. She doesn’t choose when she mates or who she mates with; in fact most pigs are artificially inseminated so never feel the loving touch of another.

Again she lives on bare concrete and can do nothing other than lie on her side allowing access for her children to feed. Children she can’t even see, so restrained is she. Children who so desperately need and crave the love of their mother but are denied even this.

A farm worker snaps her piglets’ front teeth off with pliers. He cuts off their tails and castrates the males. This happens when they are just a few days old and without any anaesthetic.

After weaning, the piglets are taken from their mother and will never see her again. They are kept in batches, on concrete floors, in a bare concrete box.

Pigs are curious, intelligent creatures but they spend the early part of their lives in these group cells with nothing to do other than breathe and eat. The cells are dark, there is no natural light so they have little idea when it’s day or night. They live above the piles of their own excrement that falls between the slats in the floor that they are forced to stand and lie on.

The male piglets are fattened up for slaughter while the little girls can soon expect to follow their mothers into the hell of perpetual pregnancy.

Once these pigs have no further use other than for their body parts they are sent here. They are led, prodded and pushed into a dark chamber, the doors are locked behind them and the gas supply is switched on.

The gas burns them from the inside, the pain is unbearable and it can take many minutes for them to die. The screams you can hear on the film are them howling in pain and terror.

If this reminds you of one of the worst episodes in recent human history and it sickens you to think that we still condone these barbaric acts, remember that you can do something about it.

Veganism is growing quickly around the world. Not only will you free yourself from the chains of these horrors, but you will leave a far smaller environmental footprint and lead a healthier lifestyle. You have a choice, a choice where you are no longer a part this horror story.

No one, human or animal, deserves to lead a life of such misery and we have no right to inflict so much pain on so many.

Please open your eyes. Be true to your heart, because I know how love and compassion is in there.



I made the film below at and following the save. It was difficult to make, please watch to the end.


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