Day 31

Day 31

Because of the weather we arrived in Manchester a few days earlier than planned. This has given us the chance to have a good look around the city and also take some time out to rest and regroup.

Today actually marks one month on the road and although it feels like I’ve been away for much longer, looking back it seems to have flown by.

We’ve visited so many places, met so many amazing people, it has been life changing already. And we still have another two months to go!

We have taken it a little easy these last few days, we’ve been to a couple of really good places to eat and even visited a Buddhist centre yesterday, which was so lovely and peaceful. We visited the shrine rooms with all the lovely art in there.

Today we joined the Manchester Earthlings Experience in the city centre. Rather than me describe it, here’s what they posted on their Facebook page:

“Great Earthlings Experience today! One lady has come to thank us for talking to her recently and inspiring her to make a change in her life. We also had two amazing people to help us today – Dave and Lizzie who are doing Walk For Hope – 750 miles of walk in order to raise awareness of animal suffering and the global crisis of animal agriculture.”

Tomorrow morning we will be at Manchester Pig Save which is the vigil I’ve most been looking forward to since we left. I’m not sure how well I’m going to be able to cope with it, but I need to be there. I’ll try and update on that tomorrow at some point.

We stay in Manchester one last night tomorrow and then set off towards Nottingham and the Vegan Camp Out via the Peak District Nation Park. We’ve been looking forward to this week ever since we left, not only seeing so many friends at Camp Out but also the walk across the stunning Peak District. We even have company from Monday, Big Steve, one of our team is coming up to join us for the week. We are so excited to see him!!

Thank you for following our journey, I am so lucky to be here. Please support us by buying a T-Shirt or Wristband from our shop or by donating via our Just Giving page, money is really tight and every little helps.



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