Day 28

Day 28

Another manic few days. On Tuesday evening we attended the ‘stop animal testing at Liverpool university’ candlelight vigil, which was very peaceful. Met some lovely people, not all vegan but were able to spread the vegan love. Everyone was so supportive of our journey. Beautiful speeches too.

The plan yesterday was to set off from Liverpool to Manchester which we did after one last visit to the city for a little last minute tourism. We visited the Cavern Club and a few other Beatles related places before leaving. We walked for a bit but the weather was horrendous and with no sign of it letting up decided to get the bus to Manchester.

We had to take a whole day out to dry everything back in Devon and the forecast for this week is even worse so we decided against walking. We are carrying so little because of the weight, when your shoes get soaked you have to dry them before you can put them on again.

So we arrived in Manchester late yesterday afternoon and found a fantastic vegan restaurant V REV Vegan Diner. We then travelled to Hyde and met up with Ste who is putting us up.

We’re just out and about in the city today, getting supplies and we plan to visit a Buddhist Temple at some point to see if we can speak to someone about their views on Veganism. More on that later.




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