Day 26

Day 26

Yesterday we arrived in Liverpool. The schedule has been so crazy since we left Bristol, three saves in a week, 125 miles apart. If anyone remembers the film Planes, Trains & Automobiles it’s been a little like that although without the planes, and the trains, and for the most part the automobiles. So I guess nothing like it really.

We have had to hitch a few lifts or we would never have made it. We had to fit our schedule in around the save groups so we always knew this leg of the journey was going to be a little manic.

Once we get to Manchester it will all change, everything will slow down and we have an amazing week to look forward to, walking across the Peak District National Park to Vegan Camp Out. It will be so wonderful to see everyone there after what feels like such a long time away.

Liverpool has been great, it’s a really exciting, vibrant city and part of me really wishes we had longer here. We’ve found a few great places to eat, the Seitan burger I had yesterday was one of the best things I’ve eaten since we left.

We explored the Ropewalks district and the docks. We saw the Liver Building, the Waterfront, the Museum of Liverpool and lots of other places.

It’s been good to take a break and be tourists for a day!

Tonight we’re going to a candle lit vigil at the University where they test on animals.

The weather could be better but everyone keeps telling me you get used to it up here. I’m not sure I would!!

We head off to Manchester tomorrow which will be our last big city for sometime. I had never been to either Liverpool or Manchester before so I’m excited about that too. The save is on Friday morning so we have a bit of time to get there.




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